Hotel and Lodges


PROJECT                                               YEAR                            LOCATION


Agate Beach Hilton                                 1978                               Oregon

                                                                                                                     (6-story P/T Hotel)

Eugene Ore. Hilton                                 1979                               Oregon

(14-story P/T Hotel)

Silver Queen Hotel                                 1980                               Park City

Stein Lodge #1                                        1981                               Park City

Stein Lodge #2                                        1983                               Park City

Silver Smith Hotel &                              1982                               Wendover, Utah

  Casino and bridge                                                                                     (7-story P/T Hotel)

Addition to Stag Lodge                          1988                               Park City         

Bald Eagle Lodge (18 mil)                   1990                               Park City

Goldener Hirsch                                      1988                               Park City

Mt. Cervine                                             1990                               Park City

Mt. Cervine Plaza                                   1990                               Park City

Rustler Lodge                                         2000                               Alta  Utah

Town Lift Parking and Hotel                1995                               Park City

Sterling Lodge Parking & Hotel          1996                               Park City

Skiers Services Brighton                        1994                               Brighton, Utah

Chateaux    A,B,C                                    1998                               Park City, Utah

Stillwater pt slabs                                2000                              Jordonelle utah

Hotel Park City                                       2001                               Park City, Utah

City Center                                              2003                               Salt Lake City

S.L.C. , Utah



PROJECT                                                YEAR                            LOCATION


Hurricane Seminary                                1979                               Hurricane, Utah

St. Thomas More                                    1983                               S.L.C. , Utah

Catholic Mountain                                  1983


CCD Center                                            1981                               S.L.C.,  Utah

Blessed Sacrament

Methodist Church Remodel                  1986                              S.L.C.,  Utah

Saint Marys (and School)                    1996                               Park City, Utah

Grace Presbyterian                                  1995-1996                     S.L.C., Utah

Grace Lutheran Church                          1998-1999                     S.L.C., Utah

St. Johns  Catholic Church                  2002                             S.L.C.,  Utah




Northgate Theater    (6 plex)                                                        Idaho

Nampa Theater Cineplex (6 plex)                                               Idaho

Boise Town Center    (6 plex)                                                      Idaho

South Town Theater   (10 plex)                                                  SLC

Cobb County Theater  (6 plex)                                                   Georgia

Trolley Theater                                                                            SLC

Text Box: Special "School Oriented Experience"
Greene Structural Engineering, Inc.

St. Thomas More				1983		SLC, UT	G/S/B/S

Catholic Mountain				1983				 G/S/B/S

CCD Center				1981		SLC, UT	 G/S/B/S
  Blessed Sacrament

American Fork Training School					Glen Swenson Architect

Beaver Vocational Complex Addition				Silver Naylor Architect 

Milford Vocational Complex Addition				Silver Naylor Architect

Park View Elementary Addition					Astle Ericson

Rose Park Elementary Addition					Astle Ericson

Sera Park School Remodel				  		FFKR

Cherry Hill School Remodel			  			FFKR

Westmore School Remodel				  		FFKR

American Fork School Remodel			  		FFKR

Kearns Jr. High School Addition		  			Arthur Olsen

Kearns School Remodel.							Dale Minson & Assoc.

U of U Tennis Building							Dale Minson & Assoc.
  Outstanding Building Award
  U.S. Tennis Assoc. 1991			  

Gore School of Business				  			G/S/B/S
  Westminster College

Mt. View Elementary	  			Mt. View, Wyo.		Dan Losse Architect

Mt. View High School  			Mt. View, Wyo.	 	Dan Losse Architect

Utah Boys Ranch								EDA Architects. 

Utah Valley Mental Health						EDA Architects

St. Mary’s School								EDA Architects



PROJECT                                                        YEAR                             LOCATION


New Mexico Ore Bin                                    1979                                New Mexico


Head frame ‑ Turner


Silver King Mine                                           1980


25 Ton Bin


Salt Lake County                                           1980


Truck Shops


Gilbert Shaft                                                   1981


Head frame


Wipp Head Frame                                          1981


S.L. International    Airport                            1985  Phase I


Airport Maint. Shop                   1986  Phase II


Park City Ski Corp.                                       1986


Maintenance Bldg.


Park City Ski Corp.                                       1986


Golf Maint. Bldg.


Newmont Gold Mine Company                   1987


Carlin, Nevada  $20,000,000

Complete Structural Design of Secondary

Crusher Bldg. (Dump Leach Plant)


Bldg. Comprised:

(3)  7'-0" Cone Crushers, Screens

 Chutes, etc.

7 Levels (3 Complete Crusher Stations)

 Including Vibration Analysis

Rubber Chutes Burned

We supervised dismantling 3 upper levels

 and their reconstruction.



Text Box: Harris Thermal Transfer  Products

		Swensen Centraila Skid

		Swensen Ensco Tower Skid

		Lapaloma/Harris Generator Plant Pretreatment and Zero Discharge System

Text Box:                
	Alstom Power
          		Ash Bin Jim Bridger Plant…. Wyoming
		Ash Bin Hunter plant ……… Utah
		Ash Bin..Jim bridger #4……. Wyoming
		Ash Bin Hunter #1 
		Escalante Ash Bin and Bracing..New Mexico
		Pit Steel Revisions

Text Box: Parking Structures

Concrete & P/T inspection of Smith‑Bailey Bldg. Parking Structure
4 levels P/T.	‑‑‑‑‑completed

Concrete & P/T inspection of Park Village Parking Structure
2 levels P/T in Park City	‑‑‑‑‑completed

Stein I, Stein II
P/T Parking Structure w/1 to 3 stories of condos
over the parking	‑‑‑‑‑completed

IBM Bldg., SLC, 4th E. & S. Temple, & Auxiliary Parking Struct.
3 levels P/T Parking w/4 levels conc. pan system
Office building over parking	‑‑‑‑‑completed

Village Cliff condos ‑ Park City
P/T parking structure w/condos over	‑‑‑‑‑completed

Ontario Project ‑ Park City, Utah
P/T parking w/office bldg. over parking	‑‑‑‑‑completed

Park City Entrance Bldg.
P/T parking w/office bldg. over parking	-‑in construction

Upper Main Street Parking Structure
3 level parking structure ‑ Park City, Utah	‑‑‑‑in design

Redman Bldg. Parking Structure ‑ SLC
3 levels P/T	‑‑‑construction
	not started

Pine Inn - Park City, Utah
P/T with log condo building
over parking	-----completed

Town Lift and Marriot
                  P/T  Parking 2 level 							--completed
	Hotel and Commercial

Sweetwater parking P/T slab								--completed 	CITYCENTRE  PARKING AND CONDO’S


Text Box: Skippers							Boise

Skippers							Logan

7‑Eleven Stores

  all over the state

Skaggs, ACME & OSCO Stores
Carrollton						Texas
Bedford						Texas
Arlington						Texas
Austin							Texas
Santa Fe						New Mexico
Broken Arrow						Oklahoma
Plano							Texas
Lake Worth						Texas
Albuquerque						New Mexico
3300 S.						S.L.C.
Boise							Idaho
Broomfield						Colorado
Grand Junction
Midway						Texas
Norman						Oklahoma
Las Cruses


Sandy, Utah                                                    Moses Lake, Washington

Yankton, South Dakota                                Burley, Idaho

Moses Lake, Washington                             Winatchee, Washington

Summit Park, Utah                                       Draper, Utah

Gillette, Wyoming                                        Parker, Colorado

Burley, Idaho                                                 Bellevue, Washington

Beatrice, Nebraska                                       Lincoln, Nebraska

Brookings, South Dakota                             Craig, Colorado

Price, Utah                                         Mesa, Arizona

Alamosa, Colorado                                      Glendale, California

West Jordan, Utah




Sugar House





Jackson, Wyoming

Green River, Wyoming



Smith Food Kings

Evanston, Wyoming

Green River, Wyoming

Bengal Blvd., S.L.C., Utah

Smiths, Ogden

Albuquerque, New Mexico



Miscellaneous Stores


Dick=s Market - Ephraim, Utah

Clark=s Market - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Acres Market - Ogden, Utah